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PRR group of Companies is multi-disciplined business enterprises in India, from its permanent base in Delhi, India. The Partners of the Group, Mr. Manvendra Madhukar an Indian Professional & entrepreneur, Mr. R.N Jha, an Indian entrepreneur, And Mr. M. Mayank a Indian professional established the company in 2010. From its humble beginnings of three employee and meager assets, PRR has grown to a business conglomerate of over 20 employees.

PRR Group now comprises three Divisions that are operated by highly qualified managers, technical professionals, skilled professionals and tradesmen.

The 3 Divisions of PRR that are fully integrated to provide clients and customers with high-quality customer service and products are:

  • PRR Technology (Software & Website development and Support)
  • PRR Advisory (Financial Advisory & Financial Product Distribution)
  • Himalayan Valley Enterprises (Product Distribution)

PRR has diversified its operations to cater to the various needs of its clients and customers. Its Top Management is innovative and creates business opportunities from their extensive knowledge of developmental factors in the country and in the region . The Chairman and the Managing Director have provided the clear vision and prudent leadership necessary to guide PRR to the path of success and to take its place with pride among the best achievers.

At PRR, we place high premium on the safety and well-being of our clients and customers, employees, assets and other people within our work areas and the community at large. Our employees are trained and experienced in working safely.

PRR is fully committed to high-quality performance to ensure customer satisfaction. Our approach to business is partnership - our clients and employees working together to achieve project/contract/business objectives in mutually beneficial manner. Our main emphasis is on properly managing scope, schedule, budget and quality. We conduct our business in line with best practices and with integrity and honesty. Continuous improvement is a way of life at PRR and underlines our commitment to be the best service provider and product supplier to our valued clients and customers. PRR's phenomenal growth over 2 years is irrefutable proof of its commitment to continuous improvement.

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